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Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned - 4313 Words

Abstract Accordingly, there are more mobile devices owned in the United States than there are people (2011). Many states have passed laws forbidding text messaging while driving, and there are even fewer that have passed laws that ban cell phone usage while driving completely. Even though the statistics are clear and that there is a problem, there is still yet to be a bill passed that eliminates the use of cell phones across all states, altogether. Many people believe that such a bill would limit their freedom even more than the government already has. With millions of Americans driving, and the many that use cell phones while driving, the problem is very real and very grave. Laws that prohibit using cell phones nationwide have yet to be passed. Legislative action in individual states varies greatly regarding the use of cellular devices while driving. According to Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), there is no state that completely bans the use of cell phones while driving, and t here are only 14 states that ban the use of a handheld cell phone (2012). Many other states impose restrictions on certain ways to use a cell phone, however most do not carry a heavy penalty for breaking them. Because of all of the differences in states laws regarding cell phone usage, it is reasonable to conclude that there are those who would unknowingly break the law by using their cell phone due to ignorance. Standardizing a law prohibiting cell phone usage completely would helpShow MoreRelatedCell Phones Should Not Be Banned1222 Words   |  5 PagesCell phones can definitely be educational tools in school What’s are everybody’s opinion on cell phones during school? Why should or shouldn’t they be allowed? I’ve always used mine as a helpful tool. I’ve heard many different sides of this debate, mostly they have been positive. I’ve used mine for reading a book in study hall and playing a game to benefit for a vocabulary test. Cell phones are educational tools and should not be banned. This is a debate that can go both ways. Lots of bigger schoolsRead MoreCell Phones Should Not Be Banned910 Words   |  4 PagesCell Phones Should be Allowed in School Seventy eight percent of 12-17 years old have cell phones as of a survey taken in 2013. Cell phones have boomed and its time to let them shine. Cell phones becoming a major part of peoples life’s. Cell phones are welcomed every where this days. There allowed in restaurants and hospitals, but one place they are not welcome are schools. Cell phones should allowed in schools. Cell phones are used by around third of the population. With teenagers being a very bigRead MoreCell Phones Should Not Be Banned976 Words   |  4 Pagessmartphones is becoming more common, but at times the use of cell phones can cause problems for a school system. Cell phone usage during school has increased significantly since technology has allowed us to access the internet or social media and text or call anyone whenever we desire. In certain circumstances, however, the use of cell phones should not be allowed such as in class. Some students may face a challenge by putting their phone away just for a split second, and they cannot resist the urgeRead MoreShould Cell Phones Be Banned?979 Words   |  4 PagesCellphones in class By: Easton Stackis Have you ever wanted to use cellphones in school? Cell phones have many benefits and positive uses that help students during school a lot. Although cell phones can be distracting they should be allowed in school in case of an emergency, to teach responsibility, and to help in school like homework and research. Cell phones are very helpful in emergencies. With cell phones, parents know if their children alright in an emergency. Which takes a lot of stressRead MoreCell Phones Should Not Be Banned1299 Words   |  6 PagesThe usage of a cell phone is dramatically increasing today, especially for students. 98% of parents of cell-owning teens say that a major factor why their child has a cell phone is so that they can be in touch no matter where the child is. That statement can be true, but considering that we’re living in the 21st century, do we really think that’s the biggest reason why students own cell phones, just to make calls and keep in touch with their fellow parents? Keep in mind, it’s the 2016-more advancedRead MoreCell Phones Should Not Be Banned904 Words   |  4 Pagesseeing a smart phone. Technology is everywhere we can t escape it even if we tried. We have advanced so far that we often forget that technology in certain places can be counterproductive espec ially in schools. The cell phones shouldn t be used during school days because it can lead to cheating, texting it makes sounds, and is distracting all this put together makes for an unneeded school accessory. First reason why the cell phones shouldn t be in school it leads to cheating. Cell phones are filledRead MoreCell Phones Should Be Banned in Schools Essay527 Words   |  3 PagesPeople in many schools regularly sneak around on their cell phones, trying to hide them from teachers or administrators. Cell phones were originally against school rules. Honestly it makes a lot of since for students not to be able to use their cell phones during school hours. Cell phones should be banned in schools because they distract students, allow cheating in Schools, and they can be dangerous. Cell phones distract students in school. Whenever people text in class it gets other people’sRead MoreShould Cell Phones Should Be Banned While Driving?1125 Words   |  5 PagesShould phones be banned while driving? I agree with the fact that phones should be banned while driving. This is because phones have become a major cause of accidents lately and many people are losing their lives in the event. As a person, there are numerous times I have had to run into people while texting or talking on a phone. If this is the case while just walking, what comes out when one is using a phone while driving? The most worrying issue is the fact that most people are valuing their convenienceRead MoreCell Phones Should Be Banned from Classrooms540 Words   |  2 Pagesbut was supervise by parents. In today’s world third graders are now getting cell phones and they are creeping into our schools/ classrooms. Because of cell phones in our classrooms our students are not learning. Cell phones are a good asset to our world because they keep in touch with persons or family all around the world but it must be eradicated from our classrooms all around the world. Cell phones should be banned in the classroom b ecause they distract students from learning by encouraging cyberRead MoreCell Phones Should Not Be Banned from School Property693 Words   |  3 Pagestelephones in hand. One may say the use of cell phones should be banned on school property, however there are many instances in which that may not be the best idea. Parents need to know that their children are safe and those children need a way in which to contact their parents if an emergency arises. If their child is not permitted to have their cellular telephone with them at school, the parent loses that sense of security. Cellular telephones should not be banned for students’ use on school property

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How Change A Flat Tire - 870 Words

How to Change a Flat Tire If it has not happened to you then it has most likely happened to someone you know. It usually catches you off-guard, and can even be scary or dangerous at times. Are you wondering what I am referring to? I am talking about the dreaded flat tire. When a tire ruptures while driving, it is a very startling experience. It is likely that it will happen to most of us at least once. Many people will reach for a phone to call some type of roadside assistance. There is nothing wrong with calling for help. However, knowing how to change your own flat tire can be very reassuring. The work can be done in a few simple steps. When you get a flat tire while driving you may feel the car pull to one side, or hear a thumping sound from the tire. The first thing you need to do is turn on your hazard lights and slow down. Look for a safe place to pull over. You should try to find a place that will give you room to work, and get you as far away from the road as possible. Ensure the vehicle parking brake is engaged when you park. Once you are in a safe area, you are ready to get out the tools you will need for the job. All vehicles come with the tools you need to change the tire. You will need a jack, a lug wrench and the spare tire from your vehicle. The owner’s manual from your vehicle will give you the location and a description for all of these tools. Gather these tools and lay them out in an area near the tire that is flat. Now that you have the tools, youShow MoreRelatedhow to change a flat tire891 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Description: Getting stuck on the roadside with a flat tire is the worst nightmare a person can have. Even though many people have roadside assistance now a days, but it is strongly recommended to know how to change car tire. If you drive a car it is very important to know how to change a car tire, because you never know when you will have to change a car tire. In order to change a car tire you will need various items. You will need a spare tire. You will also need a lug wrench and lock key in orderRead MoreSpeech : Speech On Change A Flat Tire827 Words   |  4 Pageson to how to change a flat tire. Introduction: Good afternoon class. My name is Shiquez Underwood. My major is Marketing. I am a twenty-year-old junior and I am from Macon Georgia. Attention Getter: Imagine this. Last week, I was delivering pizzas for my job Papa John’s, getting ready to go on another deliver. I get in my car, ride half of a mile down the street and realize my tire is flat; so I pull over at the store and immediately see a screw in my tire. While Im trying to change my tire, I realizeRead MoreWhat Makes A Flat Tire?994 Words   |  4 Pagesever had a flat tire? Do you know how easy it is to change a tire? Imagine waking up late for an appointment one morning, and having to rush to get ready, then going out to your car; only to find you have a flat tire. Having busted tires can be very frustrating, because they can happen anywhere at any time. All it takes is a prick or a worn-out tire to leave your personal means of transportation stunned. Now you don’t know what to do, because unfortunately you do not know how to change a tire and neitherRead MorePersuasive Essay On A Flat Tire1054 Words   |  5 PagesSuppose you are driving t o your local convenience store, then suddenly, you hit a sharp object and your tire blows. What do you do? Do you panic and call roadside assistance, or are you lucky enough to have the knowledge to replace the tire? It is surprising that many people have no idea how to change a flat tire. It is a shame that more people do not know how to perform such a simple and useful task. Learning this skill will help you become more independent and get you back on the road quicker.Read MoreEssay on Fixing a Flat Tire1497 Words   |  6 PagesFixing a Flat Tire There arent too many things in life which are more annoying than a flat tire when you least expect it, but then again who really expects a flat. Maybe the bloke driving around on four bald tires is expecting one, but he probably doesnt want one either. Although I will admit that one day on my way to get new tires I tried, and successfully I might add, to burn off a tire. Luckily for me though I was within one block of the tire shop, and even more serendipitously theRead MoreA Better Kind Of Tire : Gap Analysis1618 Words   |  7 PagesKind of Tire People are left stranded along the roadside due to flat tires every year. This can result in a dangerous and stressful situation. According to Ali, â€Å"1 in 5 do not know how to change a tire† (2017). Even worse, many car manufacturers no longer include a spare tire and have opted for an inflator kit. Despite advancements in technology, AAA responds to over 4 million flat tires annually and that number has not decreased over the last five years (Stepp, 2015). It is time for change! IntroducingRead MoreA Better Kind Of Tire Case Analysis1510 Words   |  7 PagesKind of Tire People are stranded along the roadside due to flat tires every year. This can result in a dangerous and stressful situation. According to Ali, â€Å"1 in 5 do not know how to change a tire† (2017). Even worse, many car manufacturers no longer include a spare tire and have opted for an inflator kit. Despite advancements in technology, AAA responds to over 4 million flat tires annually and that number has not decreased over the last five years (Stepp, 2015). It is time for a change! IntroducingRead MoreTire Tires On Flat Level Asphalt Essay771 Words   |  4 Pagesinstruction set on how to change a deflated tire to the spare tire on a passenger vehicle. Overview: Changing a vehicles tire is an automotive process in which you remove current deflated tire to spare tire provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Steps: If you were driving before your tire deflated move all the way to the right to remove yourself from harm, if not then change vehicles tire on flat level asphalt. Access the trunk of vehicle to find all necessary tools to change vehicles tire scissor jackRead MorePersuasive Essay On Car Safety889 Words   |  4 Pagesinjured or even killed daily! Automobile safety has change a lot of the course of many century’s. Now that we are finding new ways to make our cars look good with all the gadgets and electronics new risks are coming forth which is causing us to change many rules and regulations. Since the automobile was first created, more and more safety precautions have been taken to make an automobile ride as safe as possible. Within this essay I will show you how you as a driver can continue to drive safe on roadsRead MoreWhat Makes A Durable Wheelset Is Symbol Of A Good Buddy1549 Words   |  7 Pagesfiber bike wheels offer a very pleasant riding familiarity to you. T here are a number of aspects for this. This type of wheels offers you better stability and performance. These sorts of wheelsets are lightweight and have broad rims as well as rounder tire profiles. This assists to guarantee that when on earth you are riding throughout side winds that you acquire even air flow, along with that you can continue your speed effortlessly devoid of experiencing a bunch of force. When you are planning to acquire

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Loan Debt And Voting For A Presidential Candidate

A four-year college education is an expensive recommendation, and many students require loans to pay for their tuition. These loans may appear beneficial at first glance; they permit students to attend class without working an occupation, concentrate on their schoolwork and possess a relatively low-interest rate which regularly does not take effect until after the student graduates. However, students often overlook the fact that they need to repay the loans in a timely manner. The future is difficult to predict if students will be in a superior position to reimburse the loans in a couple of years than they are present. A majority of these loans do not vanish even if a student decides to file for bankruptcy because of how unclearly laws are†¦show more content†¦(par. 4) Phelps outlines the rising cost for a bachelor’s degree mixed with student loans prepares the economy to further drown in debt. Legal tender exhausted on loans is that the currency can be better spent on grants and scholarships. A great deal of debt restricts students’ capacity to take an interest in factors that stimulate the economy, for instance, purchasing stocks. The removal of student debt encourages students to consider necessary risks that business markets, an important factor in economics, utilize. Furthermore, excessive monthly student loan installments require a solid salary, and students find it difficult to manage their career as well as debts after college. An increase in collegiate participation and graduation are national objectives which the government creates. A handful of financial advisors say current congressional policy changes, for example, simpler installment choices for lower-salary students along with loan grace periods for those working govern ment jobs, should accomplish these national objectives and make loans less dangerous for students. For instance, Marcia Clemmitt states: As Congress tries to reduce the federal debt, it is forcing federal loan and grant programs for higher education to fight for

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Multiple Narrators Affect Our Reading English Literature Essay free essay sample

How does the multiple storytellers affect our reading of Wuthering Heights A storyteller is, within any narrative ( literary work, film, drama, verbal history, etc. ) , the non-fictional or fictional, personal or impersonal entity who tells the narrative to the audience. A author s pick in the storyteller is important for the manner a work of fiction is perceived by the reader. Most storytellers present their narrative from one of the undermentioned positions: first-person, or third-person limited or all-knowing (, 2/6/2013 ) The multiple storytellers affect our reading of Wuthering Heights in the sense that we do non hold an accurate position of the truth. In this essay, I will show the storytellers and show in which ways are they dependable or undependable and how Emily Bronte s pick to show the narrative by utilizing two storytellers affect our reading of Wuthering Heights . Mr. Lockwood is a townsman who came on the Yorkshire Moors in order to happen a more quiet life. From the beginning, we can state that he is an foreigner , ( Brown, Daniela. Lecture. University of Bucharest, 2012 ) he does non cognize anything about the people populating at Wuthering Heights or Thrushcross Grange ( his hereafter shelter ) or about those topographic points. His first meeting with Heathcliff is really of import for us to note the hapless judgement of this townsman. Although Heathcliff is really quiet and he does non give the feeling of a nice hereafter landlord, Lockwood still considers Heathcliff a gentleman . A all right reader can detect this mistake of judgement that Lockwood makes when he foremost meets the landlord, so we can reason that this storyteller is superficial, gets enthusiastic rather easy ( Brown, Daniela. Seminar. University of Bucharest, 2012 ) . Adding this to the fact that his name means mental obstruction , the reader finds himself in a narrative in which the storyteller is non bright, makes false premises before cognizing anything a bout the topographic points he is in, hence, the storyteller is undependable. Another go oning which puts Lockwood in a questionable place is the 2nd visit he decides to do to Wuthering Heights. He goes at that place even though Heathcliff did non ask for him and he was non certain about the manner either. Yet, after he arrives, he is annoyed that the dwellers are being inhospitable. He has unrealistic outlooks, which he presumes will be met (, Wuthering Highs drumhead, chapter 2 ) . After being invited in the house, he tries to do conversation but all he does is mess things up. For illustration, he thinks that Catherine is Heathcliff s married woman and that Hareton is his boy. His misunderstandings lead once more to the fact that he is an undependable character. Mr. Lockwood, by traveling for the 2nd clip to Wuthering Heights, triggers Nelly Dean ( a former retainer at Wuthering Heights and the existent retainer at Thrushcross Grange ) as storyteller. Because she took portion at the events in both topographic points, she is the insider ( Brown, Daniela. Lecture. University of Bucharest, 2012 ) , so she can associate to Mr. Lockwood the history of the two chief characters, as he asks. This places Nelly Dean in a better place than Mr. Lockwood as a storyteller, but the fact that she is merely a retainer means that she did non witness all of the occurrences of the two chief characters, hence, the narrative is fragmented and the reader will non hold a full, accurate position of the truth ( Brown, Daniela. Lecture. University of Bucharest, 2012 ) . Besides, she may non hold the head to analyse the complicate love narratives that develop throughout the novel ( Brown, Daniela. Lecture. University of Bucharest, 2012 ) . In Nelly Dean s narratives, we besides find an intercession from Isabella Linton, who sends a missive after she runs off with Heathcliff and stars associating how the ambiance is at Wuthering Heights. Apart from this, all that Nelly Dean says is filtered by Lockwood because the novel begins with his voice narrating the events and we besides find his voice at the terminal. Lockwood is the 1 who asks Nelly Dean to state the narrative and all that he hears, understands from her, he writes it down in his journal. So, here we have two undependable storytellers, none of them being one of the chief characters, some of the narratives related by Nelly Dean besides have spreads ( for illustration, when Heathcliff ran off after hearing the conversation between Cathy and Nelly Dean ; she is non able to supply information about what he had done in all that clip ) . The dual storyteller technique is used by Emily Bronte in order to disperse the truth ( Brown, Daniela. Lecture. University of Bucharest, 2012 ) . This may hold a connexion with the fact that she uses Gothic elements in her novel. Gothic : a literary manner popular during the terminal of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the 19th. This manner normally portrayed antic narratives covering with horror, desperation, the grotesque and other dark topics. Gothic literature was named for the evident influence of the dark Gothic architecture of the period on the genre (, 2/6/2013 ) . The first Gothic elements appear at the beginning, when Lockwood arrives at Wuthering Heights. The house itself is old and this makes it look like a dark, ignored topographic point, along with the garden. There is besides a gryphon ( an bird of Jove s claws and the caput of a king of beasts ) , putto ( ancient Greek and Roman sculptures stand foring small bare kids functioning Cupid, sometimes they have bantam wings or a bow and pointers ) . The ambiance in the house is besides uneven: there is merely one room, Lockwood hears noises of Canis familiariss and voices of individuals that he does non see, which means that the reader gets into a dark, unmanageable Gothic infinite ( Brown, Daniela. Seminar. University of Bucharest, 2012 ) .

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Mind your P\s and Q\s Essays - Cognitive Science, Mind

Mind Your P?s and Q?s Spencer Vescovi When I was a little boy and in elementary school my mother would always tell me ?mind your P?s and Q?s.? I always wondered what in the world is she talking about. Later in life as I grew older I looked for as many different meanings as I could. I found out that it has many different meanings over the world from my behavior to the British army. Mind your P?s and Q?s is commonly used by parents in the United States, but what could it possibly mean? Mind your P?s and Q?s essentially means to mind your manners. This means to mind your comments and questions and is commonly said to children1. Surprisingly, British Bar Tenders use this saying too. You might be thinking how does a Bar Tender use this phrase? Bar Tenders in England might say mind your P?s and Q?s as mind your pints and quarts. It was said to help customers remember how much they owed and how much they have already had to drink. In addition, It is also said to people who were acting ruly so they would not fight2. Mind your P?s and Q;s is also quite popular in England with the British Army. Historically, in the British Army, the Officers and Soldiers wore a Pea which is a jacket, and a Quae which is a wig and it was very important not to lose them! The term in the British Army is to mind your Peas and Quae?s which means not to mess up or lose your jacket and wig. In the boot camps or training facilities, the Drill Sergeants and Commanders would say this to the Soldiers2. People all over the world use this saying including the printers who make the newspaper. In the past, the printing business had to hand lay the letter blocks into the machine and some were double sided like P and Q. The printers had apprentice?s which completed this tedious task and would tell them to mind the P?s and Q?s. The P?s and Q?s faced different directions on the letter block and the shop owner didn?t want the apprentice to be confused1. All over the world mind your P?s and Q?s has lots of different meanings. These meanings stretch from the home of an American Mother, the British army, printing presses and British Pubs. So the next time somebody tells you to mind your P?s and Q?s, just think which meaning you think they mean. Sources 1. 2.

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Argumentative Essay Sample on Mobile PhonesL Pros and Cons

Argumentative Essay Sample on Mobile PhonesL Pros and Cons In the UK alone twenty seven to forty million people own mobile phones and the number is growing each day. Eight million of these are school-aged children. It is expected that four hundred and eighty three million mobile phones will be sold worldwide in 2003. The first cellular phone was tested in 1978 and since then mobile phones have become hugely popular and a controversial issue. How can any one argue against this marvelous invention of science? Those against mobile phones argue that it slows the reaction of the driver by one third, when drivers are talking on mobile phones than when under the influence of alchola. For this and other reasons in some cities such as Satiago city in the Philippines mobile phones are banned in public to reduce accidents and disturbances. Those for mobile phones argue that it is not the mobile phone itself it is the conversation which affects the driver and the same result can be found if some is talking to a driver. They also say the fact that mobile phones affect drivers is nothing but public hysteria. Significantly enough one of the main arguments that people who oppose mobile phones give is the link with mobile phone and cancer. In recent vitro studies cells where exposed to infra-red radiation at the same frequency used by mobile phones, In the study it was found that there was damage to the DNA of the cells exposed to infra-red radiation. This is significant because small damages to the DNA of cells can cause cancer. Those who favour mobile phones point out that in the study it was also found that the DNA damaged was small enough for the DNA repair function in the cells to repair the DNA. Further more it would take at least a hundred or so changes in the DNA to cause cancer. In particular those who feel strongly against mobile phones point out that in recent years mobile‘phones have become a privacy issue. In Britain the number of children bullied through text messaging is rapidly growing. In recent studies done it has been shown that it is quite easy to intercept mobile phone signals and to listen into a conversation between two people. However those who strongly feel for mobile phones point out that it is just an old problem which has gained new footing in the mobile phone industry .Way before mobile phones were invented there were illegal phone taps and crank calls to land line phones.The problem has just moved on with the technology. Alternatively those in support of mobile phones give the argument that mobile phones are indispensable when it comes to business and commerce. Mobile phone are used in business for fast communication with stockbrokers, employes etc .In business a simple matter of communication can mean the difference between a million dollars lost or gained. This is clearly true in the UK because twenty seven to forty million people use mobile phones in the UK and the number is predicted to double or triple over the next few years and it is predicted that nearly half of the user will be stockbrokers. As the UK moves in to new age of technology and commerce it is clear that mobile phones will become an integral part of business and commerce. Most importantly those who think mobile phones are a benefit to mankind point out that mobile phones are important when it comes to an emergency. For example if a mobile phone user finds a person who is having a heart attack, the user would not have to leave the patient to find help he or she can just call an ambulance and try to help the patient which could increase the possibility of he or she surviving. This is clearly the fact since 33% of people say their mobile phones are only for emergencies. Further more the technology employed in mobile ‘phones simple combined with medical sensors can be used to monitor patients outside hospitals to make sure they are safe. Already studies of such devices are being carried out. Finally those who argue in support of mobile phones say that since the launch of mobile phones and the huge boom in mobile phones five years ago, they have hugely boosted the economy through mobile phone sales and services. A good example of the positive impact of mobile phones on the economy is Finland whose entire economy depends on mobile phone sales and services. This is true since twenty seven to forty million mobile phones are expected to be sold world wide by 2003.The average person in the UK spends twenty pounds a month on mobile phones service multiply that with twelve for twelve months of the year and then by forty million or so people who have mobile phones in the UK and it works out be ninety six million pounds a year and we have not yet still add the money from the sales and salaries given to the employees of the mobile phone companies each year. In the UK the mobile phone industry is a multi-billion pound industry. All in all my opinion is that the fact against mobile phones have no logic or evidence behind them and so should be dismissed as public hysteria. Examples of which litter our history. Like when trains became hugely popular people started to fear that the smoke from the train would kill all the birds and horse would go extinct and that the speed at which the train traveled was to much for the human body to bear.Today these notions are seen as nothing more then paranoia and the fear of technology. It is best to say that the hysteria behind mobile phones is another example that man fears what he does not understand. The common public do not understand the technology behind mobile phones and are easily frightened by rumours etc. You can also order a custom term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on mobile phones from our professional custom writing service which provides high-quality custom written papers.

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Effective team and performance management Assignment

Effective team and performance management - Assignment Example The key purpose of this assignment was to ensure accomplishment of a comprehensive understanding of the concept of working in teams, and various factors associated with the same such as, the manner in which teams function, how to enhance the performance of teams; avoid arguments and disagreements and working together towards a common goal; various ways to avoid conflicts within teams; the issue of leadership and emotional intelligence; the impact and influence of decision making and the skill of negotiating with team members, among others. For the purpose of accomplishing this task, i.e., that of working in teams effectively and successfully completing the various group activities assigned to us as a part of this study, we used various models and theories to support and understand the concept of effective team management. The models proposed to be used for this task include conceptual models, mathematical models as well as computational models. For instance, the Cannon-Bowers (Cannon -Bowers et al., 1995) model of team effectiveness; the Tuckman model of team development developed by Bruce Tuckman (1965); Belbin's team role theory - a model which identifies 9 team roles which are associated with each specific personality trait of the members in a team; etc among many others. Finally, my personal reflections of the tasks performed based on my individual experiences will be explained using the John's (2000) model of structured reflection which includes three key factors i.e. experience, reflection and alternative action. These models and theories will be applied to the group activities assigned to us, in order to interpret, examine and analyze the manner in which the concept of team performance and management functions. 2. Reflection For the purpose of this segment, three key tasks undertaken by us will be described, and the corresponding experiences and issues associated with the same, will be reflected upon in a brief manner. The formation process of our team ca me through coincidence such as when tutor asked everyone to form a group; our group came into existence due to the fact that we were sitting in a same row at that very time. The group was consisted of multicultural members. I was both excited as well as nervous since this was my first time working with such a multicultural group. Before we could work on the assigned tasks, all the team members were given a Belbin questionnaire, based on which our roles in a team would be decided. According to the results of this questionnaire, I was assigned the role of a team worker and implementer. The rest of the team members were assigned appropriate roles according to their respective results. This worked in the favour of our team, since we all were best suited for the roles assigned to us, and helped us function effortlessly. Task 1: Egg flying contest. Description of the task assigned: For the purpose of this task, the team members were asked to choose 5 out of 7 resources provided to them, t o enable the egg to be dropped from 2m without breaking it. It also required the teams to select leaders and each team was assigned a time limit of 15 minutes, to accomplish this task. Key issues faced: The key issue faced during this task was deciding on the resources to be selected, that would help us in successfully executing the activity, without breaking the eggs. The members were divided on the opinion regarding which resources to choose, and there were lot of discussions and debates